The Armenian National Science and Education Fund, operating under the auspices of the Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), provides financial and other material resources to support scientific research, advanced technology development and scholarly work in the Republic of Armenia.


ANSEF’s objectives are:

  • To perpetuate Armenia’s tradition of excellence in research and scholarship.
  • To foster and nourish all aspects of Armenia’s scientific, and intellectual capabilities.
  • To promote modern scientific, technological and scholarly study in Armenia.
  • To facilitate collaboration between Armenian scholars and scientists and their colleagues around the world, and to encourage their participation in the international exchange of ideas.
  • To contribute to the general improvement of Armenia’s quality of life by supporting research essential to the economic, social, scientific and cultural development of the country and its academic and technical institutions.


The ANSEF Research Board consists of:

Prof. Yervant Terzian (Chairman) (Cornell University)

Ruben Minasian (Saclay, France)
Ashot Papoyan (Tetragenetics) 
Vatche Sahakian (Harvey Mudd College)
Lilit Yeghiazarian (University of Cincinnati)