A Pivotal Moment for Science and Scholarship in Armenia

Armenia’s greatest asset has always been the intellectual caliber of its people. This “natural resource” has been famous for groundbreaking work in a variety of fields, as well as in its impact on the social and cultural development of the nation. In these difficult economic times, Armenia’s scientists and scholars are forced to leave their disciplines - or emigrate. This drain on intellectual leadership has disastrous effects on developing industries and weakens Armenia and Armenians as a whole.

Our Call to Arms

Who will raise their voices in support of Armenia’s academics? Who better than the worldwide Armenian diaspora? A $5000 research grant is able to support for a full year on average four scientists in Armenia in their continued efforts to sustain world class science research and education.

Hence, the Armenian National Science and Education Fund (ANSEF) was established in 2000 - modeled on western science funding agencies such as the National Science Foundation - and adapted to Armenia’s special needs. For the past years, we have provided in excess of 2.5 million dollars to over 2000 scientists in Armenia. This has resulted in hundreds of publications from Armenia on the cutting edge of the Physical Sciences, Engineering, the Natural Sciences, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences; and the slowing down of the “brain drain”. Through your donations to ANSEF, we hope to continue and expand our work to help Armenian scientists and scholars continue their work and to correspondingly strengthen Armenia and Armenian culture.